PortaBrella® Portable Travel Beach Umbrella

PortaBrella® Portable Beach Umbrella by BeachUmbrellas.com. The world’s only Travel Beach Umbrella. This Folding Beach Umbrella is compact enough to fit inside any suitcase, duffel bag or airline overhead compartment.

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“We took this umbrella to a resort in the Dominican Republic. When other people would get up at 5 a.m. to claim a resort “Palapa”, we could sleep in, and stroll down to the beach when ever we felt and set up our PortaBrella.”

“We purchased two [PortaBrella’s] to bring them with us to our favorite Mexican resort which unfortunately does not provide enough shade spots, so people play this “towel” game at 6:00 am. We are very happy with our purchase!!! It’s really lightweight, compact, well made, and easy to assemble. One umbrella really provides enough shade for two people.”

The beach is the world’s most popular vacation destination. We’re all looking for the perfect beach – you know the one: warm sand, turquoise waters and a tropical breeze blowing our cares inland. But most of us aren’t lucky enough to live on or near a beach. We have to transport our own gear, or hope that rental equipment is reasonably priced – or even available at all. Spending a day at the beach without shade would ruin the experience. Why not bring your own umbrella, even if you are flying? The PortaBrella® folding travel beach umbrella solves the age old problem of transporting traditional Beach Umbrellas on an airplane.

A beach umbrella is essential (yes, a margarita is important too). You could possibly do without a beach table and perhaps even a chair. But shade is an indispensable need and an umbrella is the simplest, most reliable way to protect yourself from the sun.

We highly recommend that you consider adding these two products to your PortaBrella purchase: Our $14.95 Beach Umbrella Tethering Kit is an inexpensive way to ensure that your shady spot is not blown away when the coastal breezes kick up. And our $9.95 patented integrated Beach Umbrella Table provides a quick and easy method to keep your food, drinks, cell phone and more high, dry and sand free. Details below (be sure to also see The TeleBrella® oversized portable beach umbrella).

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Click here to see the PortaBrella folding beach table add on. Read more about PortaBrella® below. But don’t forget to check out our latest PortaBrella® add-on. It’s a integrated beach umbrella pole table that replaces one of PortaBrella’s® center poles with a compact handy beach table




keep your food, drinks and gear high, dry and sand-free while you guard the horizon or play in the surf. Best of all…? It’s just $9.95!

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Available in royal blue:

Royal Blue  
Blue Hawaiian Use  
Ingenious folding
portable_beach_umbrella_small portabrella_pieces_small portable_beach_umbrella_bagged_small
Full-feature portable beach umbrella with large vented canopy and tilt…. …..breaks down in seconds….. …..conveniently stows in any suitcase.
portabrella_tom_7_small portabrella_tom_8_small portabrella_open_small
Self-anchoring with Power Twist™ sand anchoring system…. Snap lower pole sections…. ….Deploy canopy with pull handle…
portabrella_tom_1_small portabrella_tom_2_small portabrella_tom_3_small
…..and sit, relax in the shade! Or remove one pole section and drop your shady spot lower to the ground to read….. ….or play
portabrella_tom_6_small Tethering Kit Steady your umbrella canopy with this tethering kit. Protect your shady spot on the beach with the tethering kit for just $14.95. Click here to learn more
Easy hands-free transport with matching carry bag. Simple to use and stow.    

Features and specifications for Portabrella™ portable beach umbrella include:

  • Full 76″ umbrella arc
  • patented wind vented canopy
  • Colorful royal blue canopy
  • Pole finishes and metal options: Powdered coated white steel frame for royal blue 
  • 3-way tilting canopy
  • Silver sun blocking under coat for ultra protective spf 100 rating
  • Self-anchoring lower pole section
  • Matching bag with carry strap
  • Folds to just 24″
  • Weighs just 6 pounds
  • $39.95
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PortaBrella® on Poipu Beach.

PortaBrella® on Waikiki Beach (renting a beach umbrella and two chairs runs $70/day!).