PortaBrella® Beach Table Accessory

PortaBrella® now offers a handy compact beach table accessory to replace one of your middle pole sections with this ingenious folding beach table. PortaBrella® has been our top-selling beach umbrella since inception. Its ingenious folding support frame allows our customers to take a shady sun-protected spot wherever their beach vacation destination may be. Now we’ve found a way to make PortaBrella® even more useful by offering a compact folding beach table add on. No need to set your sandwiches and drinks on your lap.

Features include:

  • Generous 19″ x 19″ table top
  • This cool PortaBrella® add on adds just 15 ounces to overall carry weight
  • Two tabletop cup holders
  • Two mesh gear pouches to keep your phone, sunscreen and “whatevers” up and out of the sand.
  • Clever design “sets the table” in seconds. Take down is just as quick and easy.
  • Affordable. Adds just $9.95 to the cost of your PortaBrella®. Add with one-click shopping using the “Buy Now” button below.
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Handy add-on beach umbrella table for PortaBrella replaces middle pole section.

Image above depicts navy blue PortaBrella with optional integrated pole table insert.



Super compact beach umbrella pole table  Two cup holders to keep beverages up and out of the sand  Two mesh gear bags to hold sunscreen bottles and cell phones  Rest easy with the PortaBrella beach table accessory
Integrated wrap-around beach umbrella pole table replaces either of the of two middle pole sections for PortaBrella®.  Features two cup holders…  …and two gear pouches.  Upgrade your PortaBrella order with this ingenious beach table for just $9.95!
To set table top simply push down to lock into place.  Unfurl table top from pole and lock into place with a gentle downward push. To release tension push up from underneath on lower sliding hub. Time to leave the beach for now? Simply release table tension with a light push upward on the center hub.
The PortaBrella® beach umbrella table is available in two colors/patterns: Nautical blue stripe portable beach umbrella pole table Nautical blue/white striped or navy blue Navy blue portable beach umbrella pole table